Taekwondo Classes:

TINY TIGERS:  Ages 3- 5 pre-kindergarten

  • Teaching children discipline and respect for authority
  • Student achievements are rewarded with personal recognition.
  • Fun and great for socialization
  • Emphasis on control and basic coordination
  • Class size is limited to give your child the best instruction possible
  • Classes are once a week Saturdays at 11:30



LIL’ DRAGONS:  Ages 5-8 only

  • Expanding on the principles of the Tiny Tigers
  • Designed for slightly older students with more emphasis on control, technique and focus
  • Available 5 days a week (Check Schedule for times)



  • Designed for new students White and Yellow Belts or families
  • Works on learning the basic hand techniques, foot techniques, and stances
  • Higher belts may take if new to our school
  • Available 3 days a week

HOMESCHOOL CLASS:  Any belt rank, ages 8 and up (under 8 need to check with instructor before taking)

  • Get Physical Education credit
  • Large classes may be divided into beginner and advanced ranks
  • Inquire about availability

JUNIORS’ CLASS:  Ages 8-13, any ranks

  • Made for all level students
  • Works on learning the basic hand techniques, foot techniques, and stances.
  • 2 Days a week

ADULT CLASS: Any Adult students (age 16 +)

  • Classes are designed to increase flexibility and balance
  • Great Cardio Workout

ALL BELTS CLASS:  Any students ages 8 to Adult, Yellow Belt and above ranks.

  • attentionMonday classes are intended for ages 8 and up intermediate rank and higher
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays classes are intended for advanced belt ranks as it is a fast paced class
  • Saturday classes are intended for ages 8-Adult yellow belts and higher, as this class is usually
  • A slower paced class, as we tend to explain more in this all belts class than the others

COMPETITION CLASS:  Designed for those students wishing to improve their sparring and forms skill. Ages 8 and Up. Instructor permission required.

  • Students planning on competing at Junior Nationals or Senior Nationals MUST attend these classes
  • Students will compete each year at three local/regional tournaments, one state qualifier, and the Junior/Senior Nationals
  • Although it isn’t a traditional class, students are still required to work hard, push themselves, and hold themselves to a higher standard.
  • This class is a workout, so expect to be challenged physically.


HAPKIDO:  The science of self-defense using human motion, joint locks and throwing skills to protect yourself.

  •  ages 15 and under should check with instructors about permission

DOCHANG KNIGHTS:  Historical European Martial Arts studies for ages 13 to Adults:

  • Long Sword, Sword & Shield, Staff, Archery, Unarmed, Dagger, History and more

Other School Activities

Teen Night: activities for students and friends 12/13 years + in safe environment

Seminars on Martial Art Topics:  May include board breaking, paddle work, sparring drills, forms

In-House Lil’ Dragon’s Tournament: Point sparring tournament for Lil’ Dragons