Originally known as Therese’s Taekwondo, Relford Martial Arts was founded by Master Therese M. Guy in 1983.  The name change occurred in 2016 when Jordan Relford became the new owner of the school.

Relford Martial Arts is a charter member school of the American Master Association, the Military Combatives Association and recognized by the World Kido Federation of Korea. Our school has lifetime certified instructors of Master and Senior Instructor ranks in the martial arts, including Military & Modern Combatives, Combat Hapkido and the World Kido Federation.

Owner/ Head Instructor : Jordan Relford – TaekwondoJordan2

  • 3rd Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo.
  • Graduated with a Music Performance Degree from UNOmaha
  • Former UNOmaha National Collegiate Taekwondo team member
  • National and International Competitor for many years
  • Placed at USAT Junior Nationals in ’03, ’04, ’06, ’07, ’08
  • Placed at USAT Senior Nationals in ’12, ’14
  • Placed 2nd at 2014 National Collegiate Taekwondo Championships
  • Went to U.S. National Team Trials in ’13, ’15
  • Won Pan Am University Championships in 2015 and received Wild Card invitation to compete at the 2016 Pan Am Championships
  • Competed at the 2015 Pan Am Open Taekwondo Championships in Mexico, 2015 Trinidad & Tobago Open, and 2016 Canada Open



Grand Master / Instructor : Master Therese M. Guymaster guy

  • 6th Dan Blackbelt (5th Dan Kukkiwan)Taekwondo
  • AMA Instructor Modern Combatives
  • United States Referee (A-1) and National level Coach with the NCTA & USA Taekwondo through the US Olympic Training Center’s Taekwondo program.
  • Served as a leader and coach for the Nebraska Junior Olympic and Senior National Taekwondo programs in Nebraska since 1986.
  • Inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame as their choice for the “Female Master Instructor of the Year”, in May 1995 for the art Taekwondo.
  • Served as Head coach for University of Nebraska at Omaha’s NCTA Collegiate Taekwondo Team from 1997 to 2003.
  • Host Instructor for the 1998 US Collegiate Team Trials for 8th World University Games held at UNOmaha. Master Guy is our Head Master Instructor.


 Instructor: Travis Tyson – Taekwondo

  • Mr. Tyson is a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo.





wguy1aChief Instructor HEMA Studies, Military Combatives  : Master William Guy 
Master Guy teaches: DoChang Knights, Archery, and Combatives.

  • Kukkiwan 5th Dan Taekwondo & Senior Hapkido Instructor
  • United States Referee & Coach with the NCTA.
  • Member: World Martial Arts Hall of Fame for “Sports Medicine Achievement” inducted in May 95, for rehabilitation of injured Law Enforcement personnel and teaching in combative body mechanics.
  • Started his advanced martial arts studies in Korea and is a member Korean Marines Black Belt Dan Holders Association.
  • Organizer of the DoChang Knights; a Historical European Martial Arts and Weapons Study program established in August 2005.
  • Recognized expert in close combatives principles and methods; teaching for US Military and various federal, state and local Law Enforcement units and departments.

Senior Instructor of Hapkido : Master Brad “Gumby” Fowler

  • int-gumby5th Dan Black Belt
  • 3rd Dan ICHF/Combat Hapkido and recognized by World Kido Federation.
  • Advanced certifications as a Senior Instructor ICHF Combat Hapkido, Knife and double stick
  • Military Combatives Instructor Lifetime member with Defense Sciences International.
  • Scholar member of the DoChang Knights program
  • Unarmed Combatives Instructor for the United States Army.



Mr. Relford, Master Guy, our school, and our Instructors are affiliated Members with;

  • Grand Master Yong Chin Pak and Pak’s Martial Arts Family of Iowa State University,
  • National Collegiate Taekwondo Association (NCTA).
  • Charter member of the American Masters Association
  • Charter Member of USA Taekwondo the national governing body of the United States Olympic Committee for taekwondo
  • Charter Member of the World Taekwondo Federation – headquarters at Kukkiwon, Republic of Korea.